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Problem Solving Discussion Cards - Social & Emotional


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Scenarios enabling teachers to discuss social and emotional issues with children and consider ways to solve the problem identified.

Each card describes and illustrates a scenario which can be read out and shown to the children, either in small groups or as a whole class. 

Questions are then posed covering:

 · What happened? What is the problem?
 · What are the reasons for the problem?
 · How are the people involved feeling?
 · What can be done to solve the problem?

Issues and scenarios covered include: exclusion, arguments, ridicule, ignoring someone, laughing at someone’s misfortune, littering, not listening to others, dishonesty, revenge, refusing to participate, difference of opinion, stubbornness, cigarettes, annoying children, laughing at a disability, giving up, naughty younger brother, getting hurt, lack of respect, shyness, watching too much television, intolerance, fighting, misbehaving, eating  junk food, lack of respect, difference, bad driving, a mistake, cheating, bullying, being unco-operative, telling an adult.

The cards include instructions and two sheets of feelings words (beginners and advanced), which can be used to assist the children when they need to be more specific with their emotional language.

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