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Projector OPTI Solar Sensory (250) LED 85 mm Lens (PURCHASED TO ORDER)


€715.45 ex. VAT

The projector gates automatically sense when a rotator (OPT043 or OPT044) has been inserted.

This upgrade makes the rotators more user friendly, more reliable and safer.

The cool running, energy saving Optikinetics Sensory Solar LED projects brilliant effects in almost any environment.  

The Optikinetics Sensory Solar LED is a safe, durable projector and has an average module life of over 100,000 hours - over 300 times the life of a Solar 250 lamp projector - a very, very long-time!It is so simple to set up and use that it can be easily operated by anyone with no prior knowledge or experience of effects projectors.

The plug in sockets encourage interactivity with the projector as users have the ability to switch effects ON and OFF and START and STOP the effects wheel. 

Projectors are predominately used for relaxation, storytelling, reminiscence therapy and lighting therapy and are using found in multi-sensory environments.

The [OPTI] Solar Sensory LED is compatible with all Opti effects including wheels, cassettes and gobos.

Different lenses and additional accessories can be added to this projector to create additional effects.


85 mmLens

Please note you need to purchase the Wheel Rotator separately (OPT043 or OPT044) -  you will be unable to use the projector without a wheel rotator.

Product Code PRO012
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