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Puppet - Fire Fighter


€17.89 ex. VAT

The Melissa & Doug Firefighter Puppet with Detachable Wooden Rod is a durable and lovable wooden hand puppet. Chief Walter Blaze is ready for duty, with his hard hat and reflective coat.

This puppet on a stick is easy to manipulate.

Children who are left- or right-handed can use one hand to move the puppet’s mouth and facial expressions, along with other gestures with the attached wooden arm rod.

35.05 x 25.02 x 12.95 cm

Act out the brave fire fighter fighting fires.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

·         Ask the child to give his/her puppet a stage name and to introduce it.

·         Ask the puppet questions and have the child answer using a unique puppet voice.

·         Create a story line or a scene that the child can act out with his/her puppet.

·         Assist the child in using the removable hand-operated rod.


Suitable for ages 3+



Product Code PUP003
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