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Pure Relaxation CD


€11.38 ex. VAT

How often do we all wish we could stop the rush, settle down and reflect?

Pure Relaxation is so soothing, so restful, it transports us across summer meadows to a shady haven where time moves slowly and the outside world plays no part in disturbing the peace.  

Llewellyn is a proven master at writing and performing music to inspire the imagination - supported here by Kevin Kendle on Keyboards, Tori Donovan on Recorders and Juliana on vocals - Pure Relaxation provides us with sublime relaxing music that cannot help but soothe and heal like the cool fresh water of our own secret waterfall. (Contains water sounds.)

Track Listing

1. Across the Fields (29:30)
2. The Secret Waterfall (30:52)

Product Code PUR001