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Raised Line Paper - Stage 4

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This is a six stage series of handwriting papers that begins with clearly defined writing spaces and perceptual cues that fade in successive Stages as the student gains mastery.  

The thick, colourful dark blue baselines are raised, providing not only visual cues, but also tactile cues.  

All lines separated by 3/8" except 1/4" separation in Stage 5.

Pack of 100 Sheets

Each Stage is sold Individually.

Stage One: For beginning writers.  Clearly defined writing spaces. (RAI016)

Stage Two: Writing spaces are less defined as shading is partially removed. (RAI017)

Stage Three: Shading has been completely removed and replaced with a borderline. (RAI018)

Stage Four: Writing spaces are less structured; fewer distractions than typical notebook paper. (RAI019)

Stage Five: The most popular Stage Write paper.  Spacing between blue baseline and gray guideline reduced to 1/4”. (RAI020)

Stage Six: Comparable to standard notebook paper. Still incorporates raised dark blue baseline and clearly defined margins. (RAI021)

 All packages come with suggestions on how to use the paper.

Product Code RAI019
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