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Ready, Set, Woof™


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Help find the pups that need feeding

Early learners will love feeding the puppy dogs as they play this engaging key early skills game.

  • Children shake the dog bowl-themed randomiser to find out which dog should get the next bone
  • Randomiser displays colours for the dog and collar
  • Game play promotes matching and observation skills as children find the dog that matches the randomiser’s colours
  • The first player to locate a correctly coloured pup places a bone on that image
  • The first player to place all five bones on the game board wins
  • Ideal game for the whole family
  • Game box includes:
    • Dog Bowl randomiser featuring six different colours
    • Game board featuring 30 different puppies
    • 20 bone-shaped counters
    • 2-4 players
    • for ages 3+
    • Product Dimensions (in inches): 9.10 x 9.10 x 3.10
Product Code REA010
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