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Red Tableware with Cutlery - Alzheimer Table Set

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A common problem for people suffering from Alzheimer's is a lack of interest in food. More than 40% of Alzheimer's sufferers experience marked weight loss, which can be very distressing for the person and their carers. The Red Tableware Set has been designed with Alzheimer's sufferers in mind. A recent clinical study showed that Alzheimer's sufferers who ate from red tableware ate 24% more and drank 85% more than when using standard tableware.

The Red Deluxe Tableware set includes:

Large Scoop Bowl: This bowl has a suction cup base and raised edge to make it easier to eat one-handed while preventing spills and pushing food off the plate. 15cm diameter.

Scoop Plate: Like the bowl, this plate has a suction base and raised edge to make it easy to eat with one hand. 23 cm diameter.

Plastic Plate Guard: Perfect for travel and eating out, the plastic plate guard clips on to any plate 20-30 cm diameter. It clips on to the plate to help food from being pushed off the edge of the plate.

Egg Cup: The egg cup has a suction cup base to prevent slips and spills.

Nose Cutout Cup: For people who struggle to lift the head while drinking, this cup has a nose cutout to leave enough space for the nose when the cup is tipped.

Drinking Cup: Helps to avoid spills and tips, it comes with 2 removable lids with extended mouthpieces to make drinking easier. 230 ml capacity.

Cutlery Set: The red cutlery set has easy-to-grip soft handles and includes a bendable fork and 2 spoons for eating at any angle, and a rocker knife so that the user can cut their food with a gentle rocking motion if they have problems moving their arms.
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