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Sensory Spoon Red

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The only spoon available that focuses on the development of self-feeding with infants as young as 7 months.

At this age, infants are curious and interested in handling objects and bringing them to their mouths in exploration - the perfect age to introduce a colorful, tactilely pleasing object that is safe and functional!

The Sensory Spoon features the following:

  • Provides a safe sensory experience when mouth and handled
  • Short, Textured handle offers sensory input to the palm for grasping
  • Natural "stop" prevents gagging or deep insertion into the mouth
  • Offers a soft/flexible, smooth textured, durable spoon material
  • Flat, slightly upward curve of the bow's sides facilitates easy food clearance by the lips
  • Colour Red 9.5 cm long
Product Code SEN094
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