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Sex and the 3 Rs: Rights, Responsibilities and Risks - A Sex Education Package for Working with People with Learning Difficulties

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Sex and the 3 Rs: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities is a sex education resource that provides a framework for staff to undertake sex education work which acknowledges the realities of sexual relationships for many people with learning disabilities. An extensive range of issues relating to sexuality are discussed with suggestions for assessment, service responses to, and work around the issue. The pack directly tackles difficult subjects, including pornography, sexual abuse of children, consent in relationships and safer sex.

This fourth edition is fully revised and updated with additional material covering recent policy and legislative changes. Like its predecessor, this training resource is aimed primarily at those working with adults with learning disabilities, however parts of it can be adapted for use with younger people. 

Sex and the 3 Rs has been updated as a result of industry changes that are currently impacting upon the sexual lives of people with learning disabilities and the increasing amount of time many people spend online which subsequently, then affects their personal, social and sexual lives. This new fourth edition gives some ideas on how to support people with learning disabilities to safely access online pornography and engage in ‘sexting’. 

Fully revised fourth edition; includes photocopiable line drawings and comprehensive guide to teaching sex education to people with learning disabilities. 

Sex and the 3 Rs (fourth edition) Rights, Risks and Responsibilities will be of particular interest to direct care staff and managers in residential, day and community services; all members of community learning disability team; sex education workers;health promotion workers and health facilitators.


This training resource will benefit all health and social care staff, including those in the private or voluntary sector. It may also be helpful for family members and people with learning disabilities in peer education

Age: 11 years +

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