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Smart but Scattered Teens (PURCHASED TO ORDER)


Smart but Scattered Teens: The "Executive Skills" Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential

Many tens of thousands of parents have used this book to teach young kids vital skills for living up to their potential. Now Drs. Richard Guare and Peg Dawson apply their groundbreaking approach to the unique challenges of adolescence. Despite high intelligence, teens with executive skills deficits can be frustratingly disorganised, distractible, forgetful, and moody—leaving worried parents torn between micromanaging and throwing up their hands. This positive guide gives parents step-by-step strategies for promoting teens' independence by helping them get organised, stay focused, and control their impulses. Guare and Dawson, joined by Colin Guare, a young adult who has successfully faced these issues himself, present proven tools, vivid stories, and insightful tips for reducing parent–teen conflicts. Boost any teenager's ability to:

Resolve Conflict

Assess Risks

Control Emotions

Work Independently

Pay Attention

Get Organised

Resist Peer Pressure

Follow Through

Manage a Schedule

Plan Ahead​

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