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Southpaw Weighted Hand Patch - Small (2251)


€97.56 ex. VAT

Southpaw’s Weighted Hand Patches are mini-barbells for the hand, wrist and entire arm. Unlike other wrist weights, the Hand Patches only cover a small portion of the back of the hand and are held in place by a thumb and wrist strap. With the exception of a small strap around the wrist and middle finger, the hand is completely exposed.

Use under adult supervision.

To find size, measure around the client’s wrist at the base of the hand. Then measure from the wrist to base of middle finger. Measurement from wrist to base of middle finger takes precedence.

Dimensions: Small: 4"–5" Wrist diameter, 2.5" from wrist to middle finger.

Southpaw Product Code 2251


Product Code SPW266
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