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Stress Programme


This programme of structured experiences helps young people understand 
the nature and causes of stress and develop techniques for managing stress 

Age: 11 years +

 68 Pages

Stress is a normal, necessary and inevitable part of everyday life, but as a time of continual change, adolescence can be highly stressful for young people. Stress means different things to

different people, and the ability to cope with stress varies from person to person, this programme show young people ways to manage stress and prevent it becoming harmful.

Strategies 1-2  
Look at the nature, causes and effects of stress

Strategy 3 
Young people identify and evaluate different ways of handling stress

Strategies 4-6 
Ways of preventing stress through a healthy lifestyle, assertion and effective time management are explored.

Strategies 7-9 
The importance of friends prepared to listen the role of the positive outlook in influencing stress, and some relaxation techniques.

Strategies 10-11 
Students identify and categorise the stressors in their own lives, into preventable stress and that which requires management. 

Strategy 12 
Students establish behaviour goals using a structured plan for behaviour change.

Strategies 13-14 
The programme concludes with a board game on stress and an evaluation of the student's response to the course.

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