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The Stretch-eze® for Kids DVD is a 60 minute dvd provides a variety of experience using stretch eze with children. The soft tactile appeal and strong resistance of Stretch-eze will keep your children safe and feeing good while inspring a multitude of new movement challenges.  Created by Kimberly Dye and Anne green Gilbert.

Uses sensory integration, rehabilitation and creative movement as well as dance movement patterns for a wonderful stretch and exercise experience for kids!

Brain Dance  Expert Anne Green Gilbert leads you in early developmental movement patterns good for increasing brain/body responsiveness.

Pilates Mat Strengthen your core with the tactile and proprioceptive feedback of the Stretch-eze.  Roll-up, Hundreds, Swan, Teaser, and Rolling Ball

Stretching for Pairs Use balance and counterbalance with a friend to improve flexibility and ability to relate to others

"This new DVD with its clear explanations and gentle music, will entice kids and their grown-ups to move with purpose and pleasure, and therby get "In Sync"  - Carol Kranowitz, author of "The Out-of-Sync Child"

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