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The Sense of Smell: Fruits and their Aromas


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Sensorial game to develop the sense of smell by distinguishing the aroma of different fruits.

The game comprises 12 bottles with the aroma from 12 fruits + 24 photographs from the 12 fruits (entire and in two parts).

The real photographs allow to establish a visual-smell comparison between the fruits and their aromas which increases the knowledge of them.

The educational content of this material is based on developing the sense of SMELL. To do so, it makes use of the natural aroma of certain fruits: strawberry, banana, peach, pineapple, orange, apple, pear, lemon, cherry, coconut, melon and plum. These aromas can be clearly distinguished between each other and encourage OLFACTORY DISCRIMINATION while at the same time enabling the children to establish, together with the photos, a VISUAL-OLFACTORY ASSOCIATION between each fruit and its respective smell.

There is also the possibility of relating the external appearance of each fruit with its internal appearance and aroma, enabling the child to build up a comprehensive and accurate image of the fruit.

This is also an excellent method of DEVELOPING LANGUAGE and extending basic VOCABULARY by means of describing the smells and images of the fruit in terms of their intensity, shape, size, colour, flavour, etc. It also enables classifications to be made using these same criteria. PSYCHO-PEDAGOGICAL OBJECTIVES:

- Developing the sense of smell and improving olfactory discrimination.

- Comprehensive knowledge of fruit (external and internal appearance and smell).

- Enhancing visual-olfactory association and logical thinking.

- Interiorisation and classification of the smell of the fruit.

- Developing observation skills and acquiring the ability to relate objects morphologically.

- Introduction to using abstract thought (acts as a basis for establishing mental associations and taking the first steps from concrete thought to abstract thought).

- Improving psychomotor coordination by handling the cards and putting them together correctly.

- Incorporation and development of basic vocabulary.

- Suitable for ages 3 onwards.  

Instructions Included

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