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Tongue Depressors Junior Tutti Frutti - One Only


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Stimulate the senses with Tic-Tong™, tutti-frutti flavored, plastic tongue depressors.

Forget about the traditional wooden tongue depressors, these bright colored tools take the fear out of oral examinations and transform it into a fun and less stressful experience.

A great success amongst speech-language pathologists, Tic-Tong™ was developed to facilitate medical diagnosis, and greatly reduces the discomfort felt by little patients during an examination.

With Tic-Tong™, you can facilitate oral motor exams and is highly recommended for oral motor exercises. 

Fruit flavoured - assorted colours and designs - Individually packaged. hygienic. Measuring 12cm x 1.5 cm. Sugar and latex free. Disposable.

Use under adult supervision. 

One only.

Product Code TON001
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