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Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

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People communicate using not only words, but also tone of voice and body language. Many children, however, fail to notice these relatively subtle social cues. This game teaches children to pay attention to tone of voice, observe body language, and note how these cues affect the message.
Children assume two roles during game play: Messenger and Listener. They learn by observing others and by getting immediate feedback about their own expressive abilities. They learn to adjust volume, expression, gestures, and other physical cues in order to communicate effectively and achieve greater self-control. Acquiring these skills helps children develop more appropriate and satisfying social relationships.
Ideal for 2 to 8 players, this game can be easily used with larger groups or classrooms as well. Because it focuses on social interaction among players rather than on a game board, it can be played virtually anywhere. Clearly focused and easy to use, Too Much, Too Little, Just Right is an exceptional tool for those working with children who have autism spectrum disorders. Included with the game, and also available separately, is an Express-o-Meter, a sliding ruler that allows you to give students feedback about whether they are communicating appropriately.

Package Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 2 inches 
Ages 5 to 12
Product Code TOO021
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