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Wavy Glow in the Dark Spaghetti Strings

by PLA900
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Put the spaghetti in direct light for 1 minute to charge it, then go into a dark room and watch it glow.

Easy clean, just wash with mild soap and water, dry and apply talcum powder to restore spaghetti to it’s original condition.

  • Glow in the dark stretchy strings
  • Green and Orange wavy spaghetti strings
  • A great sensory toy
  • Rubbery feel stretchy toy
  • Suitable age 3+
  • Size: 11/3/12 cm.
  • Usage: Sensory
  • Weight: Approx: 60 g
Product Code WAV001
All Touch Bright Glowing Lights Sense of Touch Sensory Tactile For Hands