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What Do They Have In Common?

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By means of this GAME OF ASSOCIATION you can work on the following aspects of children’s development:

- Observation of the general characteristics of objects.

- Logical thinking: through the abstraction of characteristics common to two objects, either because they belong to the same category (animals, fruit), or by their use (protecting the head, protecting the hands, writing, etc.).

- Developing oral language in various aspects: acquiring a vocabulary, describing the objects in terms of their use, the category to which they belong or their characteristics, explaining what they have in common.

- Visual-motor coordination from handling the cards.

- Learning a second language at an oral level.


With the cards spread out on the table, the player selects one and looks for its pair, checking whether the association is correct with the self-correcting system.


With a card showing an object in front of him/her, the player should describe the object from various different perspectives: (e.g. flute)

- Category to which it belongs: musical instrument

- Physical characteristics: shape (long), colour (brown), size (small).

- Materials and elements from which it is made: wood, with holes in and a place to blow.

- Use (it’s played by blowing and covering up the holes with your fingers).

With two related cards, the player should explain what it is they have in common:

- Belong to the same category (animals, musical instruments, two-wheeled vehicles, etc.)

- Are used for similar things (to protect the feet, the head, the hands, etc.)  

Recommended for ages 3+

Children can play individually or in small groups.

The cards have a SELF-CORRECTING SYSTEM on the back consisting of a five-coloured band which should match perfectly when the association is right.

We recommend explaining how the selfcorrecting system works to players before they start using the material.  

You can make 17 ASSOCIATIONS:

Content: 34 cards. 9 x 9 cm 



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