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Working Vehicles

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A GAME OF ASSOCIATION that allows children to establish relationships between objects and put them in groups of the same category. This game works on the following aspects of children’s development:

- Observation by looking for the characteristics of the objects and their functions.

- Logical thinking: by associating the objects with their corresponding vehicle/profession.

- Oral language in various aspects: acquiring a vocabulary, describing objects in terms of their use and their characteristics.

- Visual-motor coordination from handling the cards.

- Learning a second or third language at an oral level.


1st With the cards laid out on the table and the vehicles and platforms distributed among the players, each player fits his/her vehicle into its platform and selects a card to attach to one of the squares under the vehicle.

2nd Once all four cards relating to the vehicle have been attached, you can check to see if they are correct by using the self-correcting system on the back of each card.

3rd If any of the cards does not match its vehicle, put it back on the table and select another one.


1st Using a card depicting an object, the player should: - Name the object. - Describe it, taking various aspects into account: - The vehicle with which it is associated, and its use or relationship with it. - Physical characteristics (shape, colour, size), material and elements from which it is made.

2nd With the cards of all the objects fixed to the relevant squares, the player should explain the relationship between each of them and its vehicle.


A game comprising 6 vehicle cards, 6 situation cards and 24 object cards.


It’s an ASSOCIATION game which consists of relating 6 vehicles from different professions with 4 elements typical of each profession.

Up to 6 PLAYERS can play the game at the same time.

The cards have a SELF-CORRECTING SYSTEM ON THE BACK: this consists of a geometrical figure which is common to all the objects that relate to the same vehicle.

We recommend explaining how the self-correcting system works to players before using the material.

1st Put all the cards face-up in the middle of the table and each player chooses a vehicle.

2nd Put the vehicle in the relevant setting: the road, the countryside or the sea.

3rd Each player should then fit the cards relating to his/her vehicle in the squares.

4th Finally, check on the back of the cards that the associations are correct.


Ambulance: .................... Nurse, stethoscope, first-aid kit, medical instruments Cement mixer: ................ Builder’s helmet, bricks, barrow and shovel, pail full of sand Fishing boat: ................... Anchor, bucket and fishing net, life-belt, rudder Police bike: ..................... Policeman, plaque and whistle, police helmet, handcuffs Fire engine: ..................... Fireman’s jacket, fire extinguisher, helmet, hose Tractor: ........................... Basked of vegetables, pruning shears, hay bale, trailer.

RECOMMENDED AGE From age 3 upwards.  

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