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Zip and the Misty Mountain Game


€200.00 ex. VAT

Zip is a young apprentice on the Misty Mountain tasked with the challenge of racing to the head temple to wake the Master. Zip must leap over obstacles, gather glowing gems and clear the mist to wake the sleeping monks. Mastering concentration & relaxation is key to unlocking Zips special powers and unlocking each temple door protecting the path to the Master at the top of Misty Mountain.

Once your order for Zip and the Misty Mountain game and headset bundle is processed, you should receive your game and headset bundle within 10 days.

Your package will contain your own Neurosky headset PLUS a unique code for you to download your game from Google Play onto your Android device or the App store on your Apple device.

Once you have entered your code, you have unlocked Zip and are ready to tackle the mountain with your powers of focus!

The headset goes straight over the head and has an arm with a sensor that sits against the skin on their forehead. This allows us to use brainwaves as input to motivate the child to be attentive.

By playing our game, the child is challenged to maintain their focus and they are rewarded each time they do. This game uses neurofeedback and enables the brain to actually retrain itself to focus more.

Attentive zones and focus meter are displayed on the screen showing the child how focused and relaxed they are as they play. The more they get into the attentive zone, the more they are rewarded to progress through the levels.


Note: The game can be downloaded from Google Play/App Store without the code BUT you need the code to activate and open the application to play Zip and the Misty Mountain.

The game is recommended for children aged 6-12. 


Product Code ZIP002