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Child Not Enjoying Having Photo's Taken

Sensory Explanation:

- Taking photos can be a very stressful experience as there are quite a few sensory factors involved with having your photo taken.

- Taking photos include multi- sensory experiences including:

1. The bright flashing lights from the camera flash.

2. Increased noise levels from listening to verbal commands for the photo.

3. The Increased tactile input involved in positioning for photos and the use of props may also increase tactile input.


Ideas to Help:

- Realize that the expectations surrounding photo taken may simply be too much so perhaps limit formal picture taking.

- Try action and natural photos instead, preferably during a favorite activity. Attention is taken away from the pressures of a photo.

- If you must have a formal picture taken, ensure that the photographer has being told about the sensory differences prior to the appointment.

- Bring your child’s favorite sensory defensive tools to use before and after the photo taking such as headphones, earplugs, hats & sunglasses.

- Wearing compression clothing under your child’s clothes will help to deal with the difficulties in your child’s tactile system associated with the uncommon input from new unfamiliar clothes such as dresses and ties.

- The photographer should limit the direct interaction and limit the verbal cues with your child.

- Also the photographer should not physically cue your child for posture and positioning.

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