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Theraputty Black - X Firm 6 oz-170gr

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CanDo® Thera-Putty is a resistant type dough that works on strengthening the small muscles of the hands and fingers.

It can be used in a variety of ways to improve and develop your child’s hand strength, which will facilitate fluid fine motor, handwriting and daily living skills.

Each colour relates to a specific strength and an Occupational Therapist will give guidance on which strength/colour your child will need to work with.

We want to encourage squashing, poking, rolling, squeezing and pinching for the whole hand and individual fingers.

A theraputty toolkit is also available PUT005

CanDo® Theraputty® material is gluten, latex and casein free


Additional Information

The following are just some ideas of ways to make using Thera-Putty fun and motivating.

  1.    Hide marbles or buttons in the putty, and have your child go on a treasure hunt to find the items.
  2.    Hide game pieces in putty, for example pegs from Battleships, play pieces from Frustration or Connect 4. Once all the play pieces are found the game is then played.
  3.    Get googly eyes and get your child to poke them into the putty to make frogspawn. Of course they will then have to pick out the googly eyes to put the putty away!
  4.    Pinch off small pieces and roll between thumb and index finger to make sausages for a cuddly friend. Or pinch off small pieces, roll into a ball and then squash down with thumb to make pancakes for the same cuddly friend.
  5.    If really struggling to motivate your child to use Thera-Putty, put small coins in it and they can keep what they find.
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