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Core Disk

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These inflatable CoreDisk cushions are designed to encourage movement, balance and increased sensory awareness in a variety of situations.

It can be used in the following ways:

1) As a seat cushion. The Disk itself has an increased tactile feel and works well with children or adults who need to wiggle or fidget while seated.

2) As a stepping stone. Several can be used at a time, or individually.

3) As a balance tool. The CoreDisK can be used during therapy or play while standing or seated to encourage balance reactions.

4) As a tactile surface to touch, feel and squeeze. This can encourage sensory awareness as well as fine motor strenghtening.

Disk can be used to provide stability for positioning, or active, free-flowing instability for the development of balance skills and trunk strength.

Adjust inflation levels for more or less stability as desired using a standard athletic pump (sold separately).

Less air results in more stability and more air renders less stability. 

Yellow in color and bean-filled. 12 in (30.5cm) diameter

Max weight: 108kg

Age: 3 years +


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