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ARK's Mini Tip (1 Pack)

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ARK's Mini Tip is a smaller version of the Probe Tip - our most versatile tip attachment for the Z-Vibe.  Its smaller size is perfect for babies and toddlers, and its rectangular shape features three different surfaces: bumpy, striated, and smooth.  As such, the Mini Tip provides a varied sensory experience as you stroke and apply gentle pressure to the gums, palate, cheeks, tongue, and lips.  This sensory input helps "wake" up the mouth and increase oral awareness for individuals with hyposensitivities.  Or, it helps decrease oral defensiveness and food aversions for individuals with hypersensitivities.

The Mini Tip can also be used to provide targeted tactile cues during oral motor therapy.  Use it to direct the articulators for tongue elevation, tongue lateralization, tongue retraction, lip closure, lip extension, jaw stability, and more.  For detailed oral motor exercises and therapy tips consult our how-to guide Tips & Techniques for the Z-Vibe.

This product is made in the USA out of medical grade, FDA compliant materials

No lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex

Each tip measures approximately .4 x .4 x 2.25"

Compatible with the Z-Vibe or Z-Grabber handle (sold separately)

Recommended for infants up to the age of 2 or 2.5, depending on the size of the oral cavity

Safety Statement

This item is not a toy and should be used under adult supervision at all times.

No two chewers are the same and depending on how aggressively the client chews there is a risk that this product will not be suitable.

This product is not indestructible and over time will become damaged.  It should be regularly checked and removed as soon as damage appears. 


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