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Aroma Diffuser Colour Changing w-Bluetooth & Speaker


€44.72 ex. VAT

 It has been show that scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, and sleep quality, as well as self-confidence, physical and mental performance! Adding aromatherapy to your sensory room is certain to enhance the experience for all the users.

Also, because of the way the brain processes scents, the olfactory sense has been shown to have a big impact on memory and recall, making it a must-have in any dementia care facility.

This cool colour changing Aroma Diffuser Speaker certainly can bring life to any Sensory Room .

Equipped with 9 LED bulbs, this awesome device lights up and changes colours. It also serves as a Speakers system and is compatible to Android and iPhone wirelessly through Bluetooth.

You can fill up the Diffuser Tank with liquid fragrance and the device will disperse it in the air at an interval.

Provide children with a unique visual Sensory experience with this Aroma Diffuser Speaker!


  • Speaker compatible with iPhone and Android wirelessly through Bluetooth for wireless music
  • Fragrance dispersal
  • Colour changing LED Lights
  • Perfect for Sensory Room


Product Code ARO004
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