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Baby Doll Caucasian Girl with Hearing Aid 38 cm

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Doll with the Caucasian characteristics of blonde hair and blue eyes.  This doll belongs to our Dolls collection that promotes the value of equality within kids regardless of their race, gender or condition and allows them to also learn about the diversity in all of us and how to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance. This doll is hearing impaired and includes a hearing aid

  • Anatomically correct doll with realistic differences between boy and girl dolls
  • Articulated head, arms and legs that can fully rotate allowing the doll to sit, stand or lie down
  • Doll is washable and it will not affect their quality and durability
  • It is 38 cm long
  • Can be dressed with our clothing collection to complete its look
  • This model comes in an open-faced box with underwear

Suitable for ages + 10 months.

Product Code DOL018
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