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Bee Bot Rechargeable Docking Station


€43.09 ex. VAT

A mains rechargeable docking station for up to six rechargeable Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots.

The docking station acts as both a charger for these new Rechargeable Bee-Bots and safe storage for them. No additional batteries required!

This docking station is not only easy to carry around your setting, but is an excellent storage device for a class set of Bee-Bots.

You will be able to charge your Bee-Bot(s) within half a day for approximately 4 hours of normal use.

Please noteThis docking station is only compatible with rechargeable Bee-Bots.

Recharging dock approximate Size: (L) 13cm (W) 10cm (H) 7cm

Product Code BEE012
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