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Bingo: Actions and Musical Instuments : 25 Sounds

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A SENSORY game of ASSOCIATION and AUDITORY RECOGNITION with which you can work on numerous fundamental psychopedagogical objectives for developing children’s language:

- Auditory discrimination.

- Acquiring an awareness of our sound environment by recognising musical instruments and actions.

- Relating the sound with the musical instrument or action that produces it.

- Enlarging vocabulary. - Learning other languages. 

The AUDIO MP3 CD contains 44 TRACKS whose content is divided as follows:

- Tracks 1 to 14: each track contains 25 sounds and their names in a different language, with a total of 14 languages (see attached sheet for a description of the languages and the order of appearance of the sounds and their names).

- Tracks 15 to 19: each track contains the 25 sounds distributed randomly in different ways.

- Tracks 20 to 44: each track contains one sound only to make them easy to find if you want to work with individual sounds.

The 25 CARDS with PHOTOS on both sides contain: - On the front, a photo of the musical instrument or action. - On the back, 6 photos of musical instruments or actions distributed in 6 frames.  

There are two ways of playing the game:

1. Recognition of sounds and their names. This serves to familiarize the student with the game and learn the sounds by making an association between the sound, its name and the photo. For this method of play, the teacher should use: - The 25 CARDS with PHOTOS on the side where just one image appears (musical instrument or action), which should have been put in order in advance in accordance with the enclosed instructions. - The AUDIO MP3 CD, using the track corresponding to the language in which you want to work (tracks 1 to 14). - By playing this way, the whole class can join in, observing the photos of the musical instruments and actions while at the same time listening to the sounds and their names.

2. Sounds Bingo: For this method of play, you should use: - The 25 CARDS distributed among the students, using the side with the 6 framed photos. - The AUDIO MP3 CD, using one of the tracks from 15 to 19 which play the 25 sounds of musical instruments or actions distributed randomly. - The 150 red counters divided among the students, 6 per student. - With this method, up to 25 students can play with their own card, listening to the CD and looking for the corresponding sound on their card. - On each track there is an order of winning cards in accordance with the sounds: Track 15: card 9 (flute), card 1 (brushing), cards 5 and 21 (drilling), cards 19 and 14 (accordion). Track 16: card 24 (whistling), card 6 (harmonica), card 2 (crying), cards 10, 14 and 23 (accordion). Track 17: card 11 (crying), card 25 (triangle), card 24 (whistling), card 14 (harmonica), card 15 (yawning), cards 7 and 18 (violin). Track 18: card 24 (xylophone), cards 10 and 14 (accordion), cards 3, 15 and 20 (yawning). Track 19: card 13 (guitar), card 18 (brushing), cards 16 and 25 (triangle), cards 4 and 17 (tearing paper). 

Suitable for ages 3+

Presented in a Red Carry Case 23.6 x 18.7 x 7.2 cm

Comprehensive Guide/Instructions included

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