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BodySox DVD for Dance, Movement, Therapy and Sensory Integration

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Dancers, therapists, and Pilates instructors are often familiar with the highly dramatic and physically satisfying effects of working with springy resistance. The high quality nylon/lycra spandex fabric made by Dyenamic Movement Products not only feels good on your body but also provides springy resistance important for tactile, proprioception, and vestibular feedback responsible for good balance, co-ordination, and body control. Whole body pressure effectively calms and regulates an overactive or underactive nervous system.

This is useful for motivating the out of condition exerciser, focusing the hyperactive child, blending groups of various ages and abilities, and improving parent/child bonding. 

This 10 Minute DVD has been created by Kimberly Dye, dance/movement therapist and originator of BodySox .

Join Kimberly as she leads a group pof 8 - 1- year old children with sensory processing difficulties in movement exercises that encourage center of body strength, development of personal and extended space, self-expression and group cooperation.

BodySox can bring fun and creativity to your therapy setting.


Body Image

Body Awareness

Physical Strength

Spacial Awareness




Length: 10 Minutes

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