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Bubble Mirror - 3 Bubbles - Soft Frame

by LIF002
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€93.50 ex. VAT

Mirrors can be used to promote self awareness and self image.

They can be used to explore expressions and gestures.

This Silver Mirror has  three 220 convex 'bubbles', this adds an extra element of discovery and visual perception.

Mount this mirror horizontally or vertically.

Dimensions are 840 mm x 300 mm.   

Hammer tough impact resistant, non-shatter safety mirror.    

Additional Information

If you want to use a mirror with a child that finds looking directly at you is too invasive  try using one of our flat surface mirrors below to see if they can look at you that way.

(Clean only with household furniture polish or damp/dry cloth. Never use abrasive or ammonia based window cleaners which will seriously damage the mirror).

Product Code BUB064
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