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ChewEase Pencil Topper

by MEG001
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Slides over the top of a standard pencil to help with self regulation. 

Being see-through it is discreet and ideal for children in a main stream class room. 

Please note that we strongly recommend that you only purchase this item if advised to do so by a therapist. 


Additional Information

  • Chew tools can be very effective sensory diet and self-regulation therapy tools.
  • They can help individuals reach and maintain a "just right" level of alertness, promote focus and concentration,
  • Provide important oral sensory chewy input for sensory seekers,
  • Help decrease oral defensiveness (for individuals who have oral hypersensitivity)
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Size approximately 3.5 inches

Safety Statement

This item is not a toy and should be used under adult supervision at all times.

No two chewers are the same and depending on how aggressively the client chews there is a risk that this product will not be suitable. 

This product is not indestructible and over time will damage, it should be regularly checked and removed as soon as damage appears. 

Product Code CHE001
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