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Colorcards - Food - 2nd Edition ( updated version of ColorCardLibrary Food)

by TAY001
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96 cards illustrating food to enhance communication skills.

A superb set of cards that does not rely on packaging to identify a range of food items. The cards can be used as a starting point for conversation by sorting them into their various categories and then lead to a multitude of activities at various levels of difficulty, for example, 'Show me the bread', or 'Which one is made with flour?'

The categories are:

  • Fruit - such as apple, orange pineapple
  • Vegetables - such as cabbage, leaks, potatoes
  • Basics - such as bread, flour, eggs
  • Prepared Food - such as curry and rice, steak and chips, pizza
  • Drinks - such as beer, coffee, water
  • Snacks - such as hot dog, crisps, ice cream.

Age: 3+

Second Edition

Product Code COL008
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