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Conversation Strategies Manual


This book offers a structure to help with the skills needed for initiating, maintaining, and ending conversations. It looks at casual chat and formal talk with one person face-to-face and on the phone, as well as how to converse in a group.

There are over 30 chapters, each dealing with an aspect of conversation such as:
• Greetings
• How to remember names
• Being topical
• Using humour
• Reminiscing
• Repairing conversational gaffs
• Escaping!
• The Conversational Menu

Each topic is considered and discussed; exercises are suggested; “homework” is given on credit-card-sized cards, and then the Checklist is filled in, so that learning is secure.

This is a complete course on conversation skills designed for people over 16, either to work with the Speech and Language Therapist, or for some, to work on their own.

Product Code CON022