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Developing Early Literacy Skills

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A valuable resource for professionals working with pre-school children, or with older children lacking basic literacy skills, this book provides practical photocopiable activities to develop the early skills required for success with literacy.

  • Includes: rhyming activities alphabet activities; phonological awareness; writing and handwriting; and reading.
  • Each section is structured so that children can build up their knowledge and skills.
  • Developed within the classroom, these ideas and activities can be used with a range of children in whole class, group and individual situations both at home and in pre-school settings.
  • Designed to help children showing early signs of dyslexia or a specific learning difficulty, these activities will also benefit older children who lack a foundation of early literacy skills.
  • Invaluable for teachers, learning support assistants, nursery workers, parents and carers.

Age: 3+


  • Introduction
  • Hints for parents and carers
  • Basic skills
  • Rhyming activities
  • Alphabet activities
  • Phonological awareness
  • Reading
  • Writing and handwriting
  • Bibliography
  • References.
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