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Wilbarger Brush

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Wilbarger brushes are a support designed for children with nervous systems that are highly responsive to, and protective, against sensory stimulation.

Designed by  Occupational Therapist Patricia Wilbarger, the brush is to be used in the administration of the Wilbarger Protocol. Which is the gentle stimulation of one’s nervous system with the brush in order to develop:

An improved ability to transition between daily activities

An improvement in the ability to pay attention

A decreased fear and discomfort of being touched

An increase in the ability of the nervous system to use peripheral information more effectively. Enabling a child's enhanced movement coordination, functional communication, and sensory modulation. Thus, self-regulation.

It is highly recommended to speak to a qualified Occupational Therapist about the Wilbarger brush before purchasing this product.

Please ensure that this product has been recommended by an Occupational Therapist as they will tell you if this can support your child's particular needs and will ensure the Wilbarger protocol is administered/performed correctly. If the Wilbarger protocol is not performed correctly your child may be at risk of sensory overload

If this is purchased without consulting an OT (Please speak to an OT first), allow the child to brush themselves, offering them the ability to control the amount of stimulation, in order to reduce the risk of sensory overload. 

Start on the less sensitive areas such as the arms and work down to the feet. Never brush the face, stomach, or chest as these are very sensitive areas.

Overall this brush can be a great support to your child in their daily life. Making things that may be a struggle such a getting dressed, physical touch, etc. feel a little more natural and comfortable.




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