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Fabric Swing (Indoor Use Only)

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Lightweight Fabric Swing, use 2 point suspension. 

This is a lovely swing for use at home with a child. 

We would not recommend this swing for a therapy clinic or schools where there will be multiple  users and heavy use.


Product size: O 100 cm
Steel tube: O 25 x 1.2 mm
Foam tube: 5.0mm thickness
Seat: PP mat
Rope suspension: O 10 mm PE
Box size: 73 x 32 x 7 cm

Suspending your Swing

While swinging is not only fun but therapeutic for your child, care needs to be taken when installing the swings suspension point.


Where we supply suspension equipment into schools and therapy centres we follow the Southpaw safety guidelines, which are as follows


a.      Ceiling support point must be able to sustain at least a 455kg load at up to a 45-degree angle.

b.     Minimum height recommendation is 2.4m from floor to ceiling suspension point (eyebolt).

c.      All suspension points (eyebolts) must be installed 1.8m away from any wall or obstruction.

             The following needs to be taken into consideration when suspending your swing.

1.      Where will you suspend the swing from, each type will require a different setup.

Wooden Beam

Steel Beam / RSJ

Concrete ceiling


2.      Can my child swing safely without hitting any obstacles

E.g. does a door open into the space?


3.      Can my ceiling/suspension take the loading of my child swinging? See guidelines above.


4.      How high is my suspension point? Will my Child be able to get on and off the swing?

Or do I need Suspension & Height adjustment kit.


5.      Does my swing need 1 point or 2 point suspension?


6.      Floor matting is required under your swing in case your child falls off.


7.      We recommend you always use a safety rotational device.


8.      For any swings used in your home we would recommend that your ceiling/suspension point is tested by a structural engineer to ensure that your ceiling/suspension point can carry the appropriate working loads.


9.      Your suspension point should be installed by a qualified person following the above and below guidelines.



All suspension points, ropes and swings need to be regularly inspected for wear and tear.

Any wear can be dangerous and use of the swing should be stopped immediately.

 Use under Adult Supervision always

Product Code FAB002
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