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Flexy Spoon Mini - Red X-Soft

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Feeding with our Flexy®-Spoon is trouble-free !

FUNCTION Flexy®-Spoon:

When swallowing, the tongue presses the spoon against the palate. The concave spoon is turned up and changes form to fit the curvature of the palate, becoming convex. The food is pressed out of the sides and into the mouth. The tongue is so close to the palate that the swallowing reflex can be triggered.

ADVANTAGES Flexy®-Spoon:

Comfortable, time-saving feeding. Spillage is reduced considerably as well. There is no danger of oral injury by falling with spoon in mouth. The spoon simply will not break or splinter.

You will spill much less. Feeding won't just be faster, it will also be more safe. The spoon will not break or split under any circumstances. This way, injuries when falling down with the spoon in your mouth are nearly impossible.


    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Can be sterilized up to 275°F / 135 °C


    • Does not contain Bisphenol A
    • Does not contain latex

    EU declaration of conformity:

    • Multiflex G 80 A 11 B Z1697 THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMER
    • The material is no plastic and can be disposed with domestic waste !

12.5 x 2.5 cm

suitable from birth

Product Code FLE023
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