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Flexzi 2 with heavy Duty Clamp - Pink (32cm) (PURCHASED TO ORDER)


€105.69 ex. VAT

Flexzi2 is an adjustable support system for items like buddy buttons, iPads, mobile phones, remote controls and sat-navs. It is made from a  double strand of flexible plastic segments that allows perfect positioning of your devices. 

Colour: Pink

The Flexzi 2 has two strands of 30cm long segments between the clamp base and the hook and loop fastener top.
The clamping range is 10mm-32mm on surfaces/edges and 12mm-32mm diameter on tubes.


NOTE: Ensure tubes are located in the clamp’s groove before tightening. Do NOT tighten excessively!

(Mobile screen and iPad Holder not inlcuded)

Product Code FLE036
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