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Foot Prints

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These fun footprints can be used in many ways. They can laid out in a path to take children from one activity to another, for example in an obstacle course. For a child that finds it hard to transition from one area to another they can be used as a visual cue. They can be used to mark where you would like a child to stand, if a child has difficulty with spacial awareness in the line at school they can be used to mark his position in the line. Use them to teach colours, for example Mark stand on the blue footprints and Mary stand on the red footprints. Use for memory games, for example Mark first stand on the red footprints then stand on the yellow ones. As you can see your imagination is the limit with these footprints. 12 footprints in five colors.

Approximate measurements: 8 inches Length x 3 inches Wide

Age: 3 years +

Products Compatible With Foot Prints

Hand Prints - Product code HAN022, combine with the foot prints above to create your own version of the game twister to get the children motor planning. For example Mark put your righ foot on the blue footprint and your left hand on the yellow hand print. By spacing the foot and hand prints closer together or further apart you can make the game easier or harder to get the challenge just right for the child.

Product Code FOO002
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