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GaitSpot ( 1 Pair)

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These come in a set of 2.

A wonderful auditory tool for encouraging heel strike, toe off (push off), jumping, stepping, hopping or fluent gait.

Each GaitSpot features 1 squeaker, 1 heel/toe loop, and an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that enables the GaitSpot to fit on most shoes from size 19 (EU) through size 36 (EU). Age: 2 years +

Just strap on a GaitSpot and their feet are ready to squeak.

Gaitspots can be used on bare feet or over a pair of shoes, depending on the child’s size. For heelstrike, slip the elastic loop over the top of the foot, and then adjust so that the squeaker fits squarely over the bottom heel. Pull the hook and loop strap snugly to close. For push off, reverse the squeaker so that it is over the ball (base of the toes) of the foot. Here are some great ideas for using your Gaitspots:

• For toe-walkers: place the Gaitspots in the heelstrike position for auditory feedback when dorsiflexing the ankle.

• To encourage push off: place the Gaitspots in the push off position to promote plantarflexion with tiptoe walking.

• Use Gaitspots for auditory feedback when jumping with two feet, or use a single Gaitspot for hopping.

• Be creative with your Gaitspot trainings. Have the child step from target to target by using tape, chalk, or dry erase markers to designate stepping areas.

• Work on motor planning by using the auditory feedback from the squeaker to promote auditory sequencing and timing. Place one Gaitspot in the heelstrike position on one foot, and place the other on the opposite foot in the push off position. Have the child work on a motor planning sequence such as heel-toe, heel-toe (alternating feet so that they hear the squeaker from the corresponding Gaitspot). You can continue to increase the complexity of the sequencing such as heel-heel, toe-toe, or heel-heel-toe-heel-toe, etc.

• Practice animal walks using Gaitspots. Use the heelstrike position to promote the heel up walking. These can be the “heavy” animals like horses. Use the push off position for tiptoe walking. These can be the “light” animals like birds.

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