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Go Go with Handles

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€120.33 ex. VAT

The handles give extra balance for smaller children. 

Go Go Rollers feature two pedals attached to four large wheels.

Children need to use a pedaling or running motion to move forward or backward and it can take a little while to get the hang of it. 

Great exercise and a great way to train large motor skills and increase balance, coordination and strength.  

This roller is sturdy and runs smoothly.

While the manufacturer states it is suitable for 4-12 years please read the additional information below.

Maximum load 50kg.

Additional Information

There is no doubt but that to use this product the child's whole body coordination and balance are getting a great work out, however the challenge level is quite high. Because of this I feel the appropriate age is more 7-12 years if not using the handles. Indeed a child that has balance and coordination challenges would struggle as well to begin with, so in these instances I feel that The Go Go with Handles, product code GOG005, is the more suitable product.

Product Code GOG005
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