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Hand Gripping Aid SMALL - Left Hand - Black

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Once children are over the age of 5 (depending on hand size) they can use the small general purpose gripping aids in either black or pink.

Many medical conditions can affect children’s grip or hand function, from Cerebral Palsy to Guillain-Barré syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy to Spina Bifida, but with our hand gripping aids none of these need be a bar to having fun!

For many children, Active Hands SMALL aids are an essential extra for an adaptive tricycle, helping them hold onto the handlebars tightly and securely, but they might find them equally useful for a variety of other play activities.

Hand Gripping Aids SMALL comfortably fits children aged five to ten.

Active Hands aids are both kind to the skin and made to last. Built from tough webbing and comfortable but durable neoprene (wet suit material) they’re designed to withstand regular use, even for strenuous activities.

All active hands gripping aids are machine washable at 40c.

Sold singly.

Product Code HAN033
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