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Helping Children Who Bottle Up Their Feelings

by HAC001
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A guidebook to help children who:

  • are trying to manage their too painful feelings by themselves
  • do not let themselves cry, protest or say that they are scared
  • are living with too many unresolved painful emotions from the past
  • have had disturbing, overwhelming or confusing experiences, which they have been unable to think through or feel through properly
  • are full of unexpressed feelings because expressing them feels far too dangerous; and are full of unmourned grief.

This professional guidebook is based on Margot Sunderland’s bestselling series of therapeutic stories for children(NIF001  available separately)  

The guidebooks enable teachers, parents and professionals to help children aged 4-12 connect with unresolved feelings affecting their behaviour.

Each guide focuses on a particular feeling, with exercises and ideas to help children think about, express and focus on that feeling to the point of resolution.

The illustrated stories are designed to be told alongside the guide, but can be bought and used independently

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