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Let's Discuss: People & Society

by SMA002
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A series of cards which will encourage students to think about current issues and express their opinions in a thoughtful and ordered way. 

Includes 40 different discussion cards
The topics chosen in each set reflect real concerns which affect us during the course of our lives and are particularly relevant in today’s world.
Each card has three bullet points which suggest possible aspects to be covered. The students themselves should be able to think of many more and incorporate them into the discussion; they can also find out further relevant information so improving their research skills.

Cards which focus on all aspects of society: relationships, cultures and social groups, cohesion.

Suggestions for use:
Students work in small groups; they can be given the same topic or different ones. Either they or the teacher can choose the topic. The task is to consider the topic using the bullet points and prepare and present a short talk to the rest of the class.

The task could also be extended so that students conduct research into each area at home and then produce a more detailed report backed by facts and figures rather

40 x A6-sized cards with five questions on each card
Age: 12 years +

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