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Let's Make More Smiles!

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Behaviour is a form of communication. If this is so then what is the communication behind the behaviour?

All children exhibit challenging behaviour from time to time, but when the behaviour becomes dangerous or harmful we need to intervene and decide how and when we should do this. This book has been written to support those working or living with children who display challenging behaviour.

This explores behaviour and provides ideas and suggestions to support positive behaviour through the following topics and more:

  • why children behave in the way they do
  • whether the children understand our instructions
  • whether the children fully understand the reasons behind rules
  • how children can begin to take ownership of their own behaviour

There are lots of simple tools, activities and suggestions that will make a difference to how you respond to behaviour, and how children and young people respond to you.

This book is part of a series published by The Play Doctors supporting inclusion.

Each book provides thoughts and resources to help adults work with all children to ensure they are offered the same chances and experiences as others.

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