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Let's Talk - Feelings

by TAY001
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The cards are divided into 6 sections:

Give an example of when you felt …. (Try to be specific)

  • Situation cards. How would you feel? (Emphasise that different people respond in different ways to the same event; some might be excited, others nervous. There is no ‘right’ feeling, but being aware of our feelings can be helpful).
  • You are feeling … How would you show it? (Talk about and demonstrate body language, facial expressions and discuss the actions which might result from emotions. Discuss how people show their emotions in different ways).
  • You are feeling … What would help you to deal with it? (People deal with their feelings in different ways. For some, it helps to talk; others need time by themselves; others find it useful to write down their feelings.)
  • A friend is feeling … How could you respond to be helpful? (Talk about how we can help each other to deal with our feelings, by talking and listening).
  • Situation cards. How might the other person feel? (We are not responsible for each others feelings, but we can take responsibility for our actions and the consequences. Discuss what it means to be considerate).

Age: 5+

78 cards plus instructions and ideas, boxed.


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