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Motor Skills United

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An Occupational Therapy Programme, colour coded and fun filled to integrate and develop Motor and Perceptual Skills which impacts on learning and handwriting. For pupils with Developmental Co-ordination Difficulties (and Dyspraxia).

This easy-to-use programme is particularly effective with children who have developmental co-ordination disorders (dyspraxia). There are 70 large and 70 small room activities, 20 warm ups and 20 cool downs.

The cards are organised into colours for each skill base: Hand/Eye Co-ordination Proprioception Kinaesthesia and Body Awareness Eye Tracking Bi-lateral Integration and Crossing the Midline Core Stability and Balance Spatial Awareness Rhythm, Auditory/Visual Awareness Sequencing Pilot projects have been run and the feedback has informed the development of the programme.

Height:23 cm

Length:22 cm

Age: 5 to 14 years

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