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Numicon Starter Apparatus Pack B (PURCHASED TO ORDER)

by OXF001
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Suitable to use in both Number & Geometry teaching, the Starter Apparatus Pack B contains all core materials needed to develop mathematical understanding in children aged 7-9.

Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Pack contents:

Numicon: Starter Apparatus Pack B contains:
Numicon: Box of 80 Numicon Shapes 
Numicon: 80 Coloured Pegs 
Numicon: Feely Bag 
Numicon: 10s Number Line 
Numicon: Card 1-100 Number Track 
Numicon: 0-100 Numeral Cards 
Numicon: 0-100cm scale Number Line 
Numicon: Magnetic Strip 
Numicon: 1-100cm Number Rod Track 
Numicon: Coloured Counters Pack of 200
Numicon: Double-sided Baseboard Laminates (pack of 3) 
Numicon: 10 Numicon Ten Shapes 
Numicon: Number Rods - Large Set 
Numicon: Display Number Line 
Numicon: Extra Numicon 1-shapes 
Numicon: 0-41 Number Rod Number Line 
Numicon: 0-1001 Number Line

  • Numicon is research-based and proven to have a significant and lasting impact on results.
  • Numicon apparatus encourages children to reason mathematically through use of concrete objects.
  • This apparatus pack is suitable for teaching Number, Pattern and Calculating and Geometry, Measurement and Statistics.

Product Code NUM025
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