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PenAgain Twist-N-Write Pencil (2 Pack)

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Pen Again Twist n Write Pencils are great fun for children, with a unique wishbone design that helps to teach the correct way to hold a traditional pencil via the tripod method that is taught by schools.

The wishbone design natural places the fingers in the correct position with the ideal grip for maximum control and consistency while reducing stress on the hand.

Each twin-pack of PenAgain Twist n Write pencils contains a blue & a purple pencil. The pencils have a rubber on the outer edge of each wishbone.

The pencil never needs sharpening and the lead is advanced by holding the wishbone and twisting the end of the pencil where the lead comes out of anti clockwise. To retract the lead simply twist the end clockwise.

Pencil Lead Diameter: 2.0 mm

Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 3.5 x 7.6 inches

Twist n write pencils can be refilled with PenAgain Twist n Write lead refills - product code PEN023.


Product Code PEN025
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