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Pencil Grip

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The Pencil Grip is the original ergonomic writing aid developed by educational therapist Dr. Lois Provda,

The Pencil Grip increases comfort, teaches proper hand positioning, and improves control.

Its ergonomic design also provides relief of hand fatigue and pain.

Righties and Lefties simply place their thumb on the "R" or "L" on the grip and their fingers naturally fall into place.

The Pencil Grip feels natural because of its ergonomic design and soft, flexible, latex-free material.

Measures: 1-1/4 inch long, 1 inch wide. (pencil not included)

Age: 3 years +

Additional Information

1.     There is more to correcting a pencil grasp then just putting a pencil grip on a pencil. The child also needs to   develop strength in all the right places. This means building a stable support by working on core strength, shoulder, elbow, and wrist stability.

2.     The child needs to assume a proper seating position, this means no dangling feet from kitchen chairs. If the feet are not flat on the floor then the child is not stable and balanced, this will have a negative effect on hand writing that no pencil grip will fix.

3.     Remember that the pencil grip isn’t glued to the child’s fingers in the correct position. So it needs to be monitored or the child can start compensating around the pencil grip as well.

4.     If the child is struggling to isolate their little finger and ring finger, give them something small to hold in these fingers. This will keep the little finger and ring finger tucked out of the way.

Helping Adult Hands


The Pencil Grip is widely used by the millions of Americans diagnosed with hand health issues like Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tremors, and a general lack of strength. The Arthritis Foundation recognized The Pencil Grip for ‘helping to improve the quality of life of the millions of Americans with arthritis. ’ The Pencil Grip received this commendation because it is easy and comfortable to hold.

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